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Sunday 9. June

What happens to the credit when the  openair is over? Will I get it back?

Of course visitors will receive the remaining balance on their Cashless card back after the openair. It is possible to reclaim the remaining amount within 2 months (until 08.08.2019) by entering your bank details online.

Openair visitors are asked to send an email to frage@vibez.ch with the following information:

  • Name of account holder
  • First name of account holder
  • E-mail address (in case of queries)
  • IBAN number of the bank account
  • Serial number of the bracelet chip (5 digits, digits 0-9)
  • Identification number of the bracelet chip (14 digits, digits 0-9, A-F)

Credits not reclaimed by 08.08.2019 can be requested by post as a gesture of goodwill using a form for a fee.

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